Mike & Julie Cliffe-Jones

This website is for the curious - we use the cliffejones.com domain to unify our email addresses, so if you're here, you probably arrived by typing in the URL.

We're Julie and Mike Cliffe-Jones and we run a small group of related businesses in the digital world from our base in Haria, Lanzarote.

Since quitting corporate life in the UK and relocating to live in Lanzarote at the turn of the century, we have learned that we work incredibly well together as a couple. Mike's background in sales & marketing complemented by Julie's skills in finance & administration.

Our three businesses are:

Lanzarote Information - Lanzarote's largest English language publication

Lanzarote Holiday Offers - A full service travel agency

Digital Insight Ltd - An online marketing agency

From this website, you can read a short overview of each of our businesses, and then link to the relevant website.